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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Shortly after collaborating with Grammy winning producer Damon Elliott, this charted Top 40 Indie Recording Artist and member of the The Recording Academy's fourth commercial venture "Diary Of A Love Life" is now available on streaming sites everywhere! To his surprise, his work has earned him 4 Global Music Awards.

His previous ventures "Give Me Your Love" and "Imagine That" also produced singles landing at #32, #43 and #44 respectfully on the FMQB Charts. Dondi performed a single from the latter mentioned at the Pre Grammy-Soiree at B.B Kings this past January honoring Dionne Warwick!

He also remains the long-time front man for Philadelphia's premier event band, "JellyRoll". After many years at the helm of this very sought-after cover, and sometimes, original, twelve-piece unit, he has thrown his hat in the ring as a songwriter/producer of his own work.

As a very seasoned performer and experienced vocalist, he has worked venues from Madison Square Garden, to our nations White house. Dondi possesses an extremely strong stage presence, and the ability to put a large crowd in the palm of his hands, is legendary, in and around the Philadelphia region.

The songs this artist composes, sometimes have an unmistakable old school feel and sound. This is his niche. It is how he hears things. Being a live performer by nature and trade, he writes and produces his songs as if they were going to be played by a live band tomorrow night, at an intimate New York night club.

He composes solid melodies and strong hooks in all genres, but his real love is R&B/Soul and Adult contemporary music of the old school variety.

Personable and easy going, Dondi is open to new ideas and loves to collaborate with other artists and producers.

Keep an ear out for his new full length album “Swim In Your Skin”, to be released in 2021..

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