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Lawanda Lee

Born and raised in the 4.51 square mile city of Ypsilanti,MI, a small suburb about 20 minutes from Detroit, MI, LaWanda Lee grew up in a musically talented family. Being surrounded with music and spiritual upbringing, LaWanda began singing in community, school and church choirs , learning to blend melodic notes and follow direction. It wasn't until her early adult years, that LaWanda decided to take on music professionally and on a larger scale. She explains " I remember listening to my father create music and him having me and my brother and sister sing the harmony notes." "The feeling of hearing blended notes that sounds good , mixed with lingering lyrics showed me that music is my first true love, and my ultimate goal to have the world hear my story"

In 2009, LaWanda Lee finally met the sound and feel that she was looking for when she met producer/musician , Anthony Booker. "Almost instantly, I knew this is who would produce my first completed project" , explained Ms Lee. In 2011 LaWanda Lee released her first single, "Finer Thangz", which captured the ears of DJ's and Podcasters in the United Kingdom. She also released a single entitled" Movin On" , which held the top 10 spot for 2 months straight, and reached #2 on 96.3 WDVD Detroit. In 2012, LaWanda Lee and producer,Anthony Booker completed her first and highly anticipated album "1st Born" which is expected to drop summer 2013. Be prepared for music that has been missing for years! Close to home, comfort soul. "Music made for Grown Folks", says Ms Lee

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