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Londyn Marie


Her album 11:11 is a sensual compilation of words and rhythms masterfully performed to pull the listener inside a place within her mind that demonstrates she's empowered, very self-aware, and unapologetically straightforward in seeking what she wants.

Each song is an impeccable production that always allows her voice to cut through as if she was whispering directly into your ear. From the sensual production of "Stay Home;" to the passionate "2 AM Come Thru", to the acoustic-backed "Risk It All", the underlying theme of sensual, self-empowered woman comes through.

Most of all, what 11:11 sets forth is an artist that understands her style, understands her strengths and uses both to excellently portray her feelings and tell her stories. Londyn Marie is an artist on the rise and is certainly poised to have a very productive post-COVID career. Check out her newest video set to her work "Stay Home". You'll see that she is the complete deal, and the only limitation on her ascent is her energy, zeal and desire to make it happen.


R&B singer and songwriter Londyn Marie was born and raised on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. She fell in love with music and singing in church at a young age. Growing up, her strongest influences in music were Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Whitney Houston. It is captivating to see their influence come together to form a powerhouse performance artist, with vocals smooth as silk, and a vibe you just can’t help but to nod your head and groove to. Not to mention the certain “star quality” that you just can’t put your finger on… but makes you unable to take your eyes off of her when she takes the stage.

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