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Shen Lola

Shen Lola is a singer-songwriter with a poetic spirit and a musical heart. In 2017, she released her debut single “Wanna Be Your Weakness.” Her second single “Feel the Sun” has been featured on the television show “Pretty Little Liars – The Perfectionists.” Shen Lola’s third single “Made for You” was released in 2019 and was complemented by a sensual and empowering music video. She continued her artistic path by immersing herself in creating a 4-song EP entitled “Heart Beats” that was released on February 14, 2020. “Heart Beats” is a collection of songs inspired by the singer-songwriter’s experiences of love and loss of love, and is a true expression of vulnerability.

Passionate, alluring and authentic, Shen Lola is very intentional with the energy she creates through her music. Blending rhythms of house, pop and the intimate singer-songwriter genre, her music combines poetic lyrics with sultry vocals to create the foreground for the mood behind her music. “I want you to feel my music, not just hear it” she says. She believes music is the most beautiful expression of emotion.

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