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Tatiana Barbosa

Tatiana Barbosa is unlike any urban pop artist you'll hear today. With her edgy grit and powerful emotion, Tatiana’s distinctive and richly textured voice promises to be prevalent and instantly recognizable. Her original music has a worldwide appeal and can easily be compared to today’s music stars.

Music became an important factor in Tatiana’s life when she was just eight years old. There she began writing her own songs and putting on shows for her parents. Once in high school, she really blossomed into a performer. When performing for her school talent show, which was her first time in front of a big crowd, she then knew music was her passion. Tatiana continues to work with songwriters and producers as she learns and masters her craft, as well as working on her own songwriting. She loves recording and never shirks the long hours, late nights and little sleep that go hand in hand with that lifestyle.

Music is life, which is Tatiana’s motto. "Music has always been a part of my life, it's how I express myself and it’s all I can see myself doing honestly.” With her edgy personality and her “girl next door look”, Tatiana is sure to make anybody fall in love.

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